Vitiligo Hands, Neck, Ankles, Elbows, Knees

Vitiligo can affect various areas of the body, including joint areas. Joint areas are places [...]

What is Genetic Vitiligo?

Genetic Vitiligo is a form of skin disorder that is inherited through genetics. Vitiligo is [...]

Vitiligo Hand & Finger Treatment

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Sue: Vitiligo Finger Treatment – Case Study. Vitiligo Finger Treatment – Case Study: This case [...]

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A Finger is sometimes called a digit, A Thumb is sometimes called a pollex, A [...]

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Vitiligo Hand Treatment

Successful Hand Treatment The hand is essentially a ‘joint area’ of the body. Joint areas [...]

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How to Spot & Treat Vitiligo on Joint Areas

How to Spot & Treat Vitiligo on Joint Areas Vitilox products can treat Vitiligo on [...]