Vitiligo is neither life-threatening nor is it contagious. Vitiligo patches do not itch, they are not painful, and the skin does not shed scales (as in psoriasis). In this article we discuss which are the Best Vitiligo Treatments for 2020. This has been a very unpredictable year, and we have found that the supplements we manufacture combined with a healthy diet are paramount in controlling the spread of the condition whilst we treat your Vitiligo condition.

Should Vitiligo be treated?

Yes, early treatment is recommended! Where the areas affected by Vitiligo are minimal, the condition can more easily be reversed. Small areas are typically easier to treat. Treating Vitiligo when it first develops is also more effective than waiting too long.

Which are the Best Vitiligo Treatments for 2020

We also suggest early Vitiligo treatment as there is potentially a deep social and emotional impact associated with the skin’s imperfection. Vitiligo is not just a superficial issue; it can inhibit normal social function.

Some Vitiligo sufferers become withdrawn and this negatively affects their family life. Vitiligo affects all races equally, and is worldwide, but there is more of a colour contrast for people with darker skin, or those who tan deeply during the summer months.

Which are the Best Vitiligo Treatments for 2020?

If you are seeing the first signs of Vitiligo appearing, we recommend our Vitilox Pigmentation Cream and Vitamins.

Vitilox® Pigmentation Cream has been described as the most effective cream available for the recovery of your natural skin tone. As Vitilox Pigmentation Cream only contains natural ingredients there are no known side effects. It is 100% safe.

Our Vitilox Pigmentation Cream penetrates deep into the skin’s cells. The Melanocytes are stimulated into releasing your Melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives your skin its characteristic colour.

The amount of Melanin released is what determines your skin tone. Vitilox® Pigmentation Cream for Vitiligo contains stimulants which are absorbed into the skin causing these cells to re-activate.

Which are the Best Vitiligo Treatments for 2020

Vitilox Pigmentation Cream & Vitamins

Vitilox® Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid is requires to stop and slow down the further spread of Vitiligo. When treating Vitiligo with the Vitilox® Pigmentation Cream, it is essential that we stop the further spread of the Vitiligo to enable the pigmentation process to be successful, and accelerate.

Vitilox Vitamin B12 is essential for a healthy skin by supporting and promoting cell heath. They also help reduce the risk of infection.

Besides the physical health benefits Vitilox Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid help relieve stress and anxiety which is essential for the well being of patients suffering from Vitiligo. The less you stress the less the Vitiligo spreads! Folic acid is also an important element in producing a health DNA.

For patients who have had Vitiligo for a number of years with a body coverage of over 25%, we suggest the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream and the T-Cell-V tablets.

Vitilox® Vitiligo Pigmentation Cream is best applied to the affected areas of your body once or twice a day, after bathing.

Make sure the area is clean and dry before applying a small amount of the Pigmentation Cream to the areas affected by Vitiligo. Gently rub the cream onto the skin. The cream will not leave a greasy residue but will penetrate deep into the inner layer of your skin.

The Vitilox® Pigmentation Cream remains active for up to 24 hours after application.

Vitilox® T-Cell-V is an effective Immune System Therapy.  It contains a special formula with vital ingredients that helps melanin (Pigmentation) production. Vitilox T-Cell-V repairs the skin cells activating new pigmentation to reverse the Vitiligo Condition.

Vitilox® Pigmentation Cream & T-Cell-V

Vitilox T-Cell-V is used in conjunction with Vitilox Pigmentation Cream

Vitilox T-Cell-V ingredients have been carefully selected to work together to regulate the immune responses in the alteration of the T-Cell’s in people suffering from Vitiligo. The T-helper cells heal and rejuvenate skin by the production of new cells.

In patients with Vitiligo T-helper cells are arguably the most important cells in adaptive immunity as they also help activate cytotoxic T-cells to kill infected target cells.

Detection of various auto-antibodies including anti-thyroid and anti-melanocyte antibodies have been found in the serum of Vitiligo patients. These conditions are addressed in the Vitiligo T-Cell-V Therapy.

Vitilox UVB Home Lamp

Vitilox UVB Home Therapy Lamp

Patients who have had the condition for many years and with a body coverage over 60% may want to look at UVB Home Treatment. Please contact us first, and one of our UVB reps can help you make the correct decision and also explain to you the workings of our Vitilox range of UVB Lamps.

Narrow band UVB has become the most common type of light treatment for Vitiligo. This treatment requires a relatively shorter exposure time, and drastically reduces the potential risk of skin cancer (UVB treatment does not cause damage to the skin, whereas PUVA potentially does cause damage).

Home UVB treatment has the advantage of eliminating most of the main inconveniences of phototherapy, such as costs of treatment sessions, frequent travel to the phototherapy centre and time off from school or work.

In general, phototherapy shows improvement in your Vitiligo, Eczema, Psoriasis, or other skin condition in just a few sessions. Note that with our portable UVB lamp, you can treat your skin disorder in the convenience of your own home.

Best Vitiligo Diets

Vitiligo and your Diet

Vitiligo is classed as an autoimmune condition where the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys healthy cells, called melanocytes, triggering a white, patchy appearance. To help your body keep as healthy as possible, include a nutritious diet, full of immune-boosting foods containing phytochemicals, beta-carotene, and antioxidants. Ensure that your plate consists of mostly vegetables with a small portion of protein and of starch. Chlorophyll-rich leafy green vegetables (the greener the better) are seen to help in the growth and repair of tissue.

Chlorophyll delivers magnesium and aids the blood in carrying oxygen to all cells and tissues. Avoid inflammatory foods and allergens. An unhealthy, unbalanced diet would consist of too much acid-forming foods such as processed meat, conventional dairy, refined sugar, prescription medications and alcohol. Yes, alcohol and cigarettes are a definite no-go! The occasional glass of wine would be considered acceptable. In fact, it is a good idea to treat yourself occasionally.

The most important element is – know your body! If you are lactose-intolerant, for example, cut all lactose out of your diet. You do not want to add any stress at all to your digestive system. Read more about diets on this Feature Blog.

If you are treating your face or hands, we also have the Vitilox Cover Cream products. You can apply our Vitilox Pigmentation Cream before the cover product, and this will allow you to treat the effected Vitiligo spots or patches whilst retaining your natural skin colour.

Vitilox Vitiligo Camo Cream

Vitilox Cover Cream & Setting Powder Kit

Our Vitilox Camo Cover Cream Kit is a revolutionary new Vitiligo Face and Body Waterproof Camouflage that is able to conceal your white spots and patches effectively.

The Vitilox Cover Cream is suitable for all ethnic groups, and its high concentrate of pigment makes it the perfect formula for the concealment of depigmented areas of the skin affected by Vitiligo.

It has the added benefit of being waterproof, sweat proof and long lasting – 24 hours. Additionally it does not smudge, fade or wash away when applied correctly and set with the Vitilox Setting Powder included in the kit.

With a SPF factor of 35, you are assured that your skin is protected from the sun when venturing outdoors.

The Vitilox Cover Cream is available in 6 colours and is uniquely able to match any skin tone. Unlike other cover creams Vitilox Cover Cream can be lightened or darkened to match your own skin colour by way of application.

Remember that at Vitiligo Treatment we do not sell a one product fixes all product, but we do have a range of products required to successfully treat the many different Vitiligo Conditions that do exist.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further information pertaining to this article – Which are the Best Vitiligo Treatments for 2020 – or require any additional detailed information on our products.


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