World Vitiligo day 2020: Effective Vitiligo Treatment Creams and Remedies

June 25 is World Vitiligo Day 2020. Effective Vitiligo Treatment Creams and Remedies are going to be part of this showcase, as well of celebration this annual event, and also discussing who this event came to being.

Steve Haragadon, founder of Vitiligo Friends network and Ogo Maduewesi, founder and Executive Director of the Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation (VITSAF) developed and finalised World Vitiligo Day. Observed since 2011, this day is dedicated to those living with Vitiligo globally. On 25 June, World Vitiligo Day is meant to spread awareness of this skin disorder and is also a memorial to Michael Jackson who was probably the most famous person to have lived with Vitiligo.

June 25, 2009 was the day Michael Jackson died. He had lived with Vitiligo for approximately 20 years.

World Vitiligo day 2020

Michael Jackson was just six years old when he started his music career. Most of his life was spent in the public eye. The overly critical public eye! Love him or hate him, there is no question how incredibly talented a performer he was! In an interview with Oprah in 1993, he stated that his skin had started to change when he was about 24 years old.

Here was a young, famous, self-proclaimed perfectionist who had acquired a disorder that was about to drastically alter his appearance. He is rumored to have been over-critical about his own music and was apparently also extremely self-conscious. Imagine how devastating that must have been to someone constantly in the limelight.

Initially, he wore make up to cover the depigmented areas. As time went by, his skin appeared progressively whiter because he had started using a treatment to remove the remaining darker skin pigment. This treatment is a cream called monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone (monobenzone, or Benoquin). It is the only FDA-approved skin “bleaching” treatment.

Multiple plastic surgeries on his face and the fact that his skin seemed to get lighter over time suggested that he had wanted to look “white” – maybe less like himself! There is no question that Michael Jackson had Vitiligo, by his own admission and according to his autopsy.

June 25 is also Vitiligo Purple Fun Day!

World Vitiligo day 2020

Do you like the colour purple? Yes? Good! No? It does not really matter.

The official colours of World Vitiligo Day are purple and white. What better colour than purple to signify brave, audacious, extraordinary, unique, and unusual? Just like the people who have Vitiligo and who boldly choose to forego their usual make-up regime on this day. Just like the celebrities who audaciously choose this day to reveal their vitiligo diagnosis to the public. And, just like those who continue to cover up these depigmented areas of their skin. All these options are celebrated on 25 June!

On this day and every other day, it is essential to be gentle with your skin.

Effective treatments – Diet, Supplements, and Ultraviolet Light Therapy

As Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease, try to incorporate healthy, whole, and natural elements in your diet. Include food that enhances your immune system, such as those containing beta carotenes, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. Eat green leafy vegetables, fruit, legumes, wild fish, organic eggs, and whole grains. Avoid blueberries and pears, as these fruits are rich in hydroquinone. Citrus fruits, turmeric, and foods that you may have intolerance’s for must be eliminated from your diet.

People with Vitiligo can use supplements to combat their nutritional deficiencies. Research has shown that Vitiligo sufferers have deficiencies in Vitamin B12, Zinc, Copper, Folic Acid and Selenium. These supplements will also help reduce anxiety, help prevent infections, and reduce inflammation. Selenium lowers oxidative stress on the body.

Vitilox® T-Cell-V Immune Therapy

Highly recommended is the Vitilox® T-Cell-V Immune Therapy product that contains the above elements and more. Vitilox T-Cell-V ingredients have been carefully selected to work together to regulate the immune responses in the alteration of the T-Cell’s in people suffering from Vitiligo.

The T-helper cells heal and rejuvenate skin by the production of new cells. In patients with Vitiligo T-helper cells are arguably the most important cells in adaptive immunity as they also help activate cytotoxic T-cells to kill infected target cells.

Detection of various auto-antibodies including anti-thyroid and anti-melanocyte antibodies have been found in the serum of Vitiligo patients. These conditions are addressed in the Vitiligo T-Cell-V Therapy.

In short, the T-Cell-V Therapy tablets Slow down and Stop the further Spread of Vitiligo, and is commonly used in conjunction with our Vitilox Pigmentation Cream to help treat and regain your natural skin tone again.

Vitilox® UVB Home Lamp

Our Vitilox® UVB Home Lamp is widely used and has become the first choice of Phototherapy for Adults and Children who have a Large Body coverage of the condition, or are experiencing an accelerated spread of the Vitiligo condition.

Treatment frequency is 2-3 times weekly. Phototherapy is an established treatment option that typically provides positive results in at least 80% of the cases.

Home treatment has the advantage of eliminating most of the main inconveniences of phototherapy, such as costs of treatment sessions, frequent travel to the phototherapy center and time off from school or work.

Phototherapy lamps with narrow band ultraviolet B (UVB) has been shown to stop or slow the progression of active Vitiligo. There are small, portable devices for narrow band ultraviolet B therapy available for home use.

World Vitiligo day 2020

Non-effective treatments

Do not get a tattoo. Remember, any trauma or damage to the skin, including puncturing the skin with a tattoo needle, can worsen Vitiligo at the site, or even create a new Vitiligo spot. If you want to disguise the depigmented area with a skin-coloured tattoo, the ink colour is difficult to match. Even if the matching process is perfect, the spot may grow, leaving a white ring around the tattooed patch.

Do not use abrasive exfoliation on your skin. Repeated trauma such as rubbing or scratching the skin may trigger Vitiligo

Do not use a tanning bed. Exposure of your skin to sunshine without the generous application of a water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 30, will cause severe sunburn on the affected areas. Apply sunscreen every two hours, especially if you are swimming or sweating.

In conclusion

Ensure that you drink plenty of fresh, clean water throughout the day to ensure optimal hydration levels. Eat nutritious food. Use sunscreen. Address potential emotional issues. Treat your skin gently.

Remember that at Vitiligo Treatment we do promote a one product fixes all treatment. We do however have a large range of products required to successfully treat the many different Vitiligo Conditions that exist.

We also offer a free Vitiligo Assessment. Please make use of this service and receive a professional evaluation of your own individual Vitiligo Condition.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further information pertaining to this article or require any additional detailed information on our products or services.

Enjoy World Vitiligo Day 2020!


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