It is distressing for any parent to discover their child has health issues. In this article, we discuss treating childhood Vitiligo in children 3 – 7 years of age.

What is Childhood Vitiligo?

While Vitiligo is not a disease, as in it is not contagious or life-threatening, it is a condition that can cause distress to the child and parents if left untreated.

While it initially may not be apparent why your child developed the condition it is known that it is the melanocytes that stop producing Melanin and not an illness. It often starts as a result of sunburn or a rash/allergy. In other words, if often begins after the child has suffered some physical trauma or skin laceration.

Children who have diabetes or problems with their thyroids are at a greater risk of suffering from Vitiligo. If Vitiligo runs in the family, this would also be a factor we would need to consider. Here is a link to our assessment link if you would like a consultant to evaluate your child’s condition: 

Treating Childhood Vitiligo

Fortunately Vitiligo can be treated successfully, and once treated, results are permanent in the areas treated. In genetic cases we also offer solutions to prevent the onset and further re-occurrence of the condition.

At Vitiligo Treatment, our team consists of skin care professionals. Our primary business is Consultations, and Assessments. Most of our staff have been exposed to Vitiligo or other skin disorders in their career at some or other time. We know only too well the effects of Vitiligo on children, and can help you with their treatment going forward.

Our recommendation for treating your child is to use the Vitilox Vitiligo Pigmentation cream daily after bathing.

Vitilox Cream and Vitamins B12

Together with the cream we recommend you give your child Vitamin B 12 and folic acid. These tablets are very small making swallowing them easy. These vitamins not only stop the spread of Vitiligo they also help to combat stress.  If your child is very young and has a problem swallowing tablets, then you can crush it into their cereal every morning.

Continuing Treatment

Remember the treatment of your child’s condition will need discipline. Your child will thank you later in life. Some children see results as quickly as within 2 weeks while others may take up to 2 months to achieve the same results thus perseverance is of utmost importance.

Vitilox® Vitiligo Lip Balm

If your child has Vitiligo on the lips, we also have a Lip Balm to treat this condition.

At Vitiligo Treatment, our consultants are always available and able to help you choose the correct products for treating childhood Vitiligo 3 – 7 years of age. We offer after-sales support and advise. We offer free assessments to ascertain the most suitable products for children of all ages.


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