How to Spot & Treat Vitiligo on Joint Areas

Vitilox products can treat Vitiligo on joint areas successfully.

People who are predisposed to the condition report first seen Vitiligo developing on joint areas. In other words areas such as, hands, feet, knees and elbows are the areas that are first seen developing Vitiligo. This is due to the joint areas being under constant motion and movement trauma. Other factors that effect the Vitiligo developing on the joint areas are skin lacerations, sport injuries, or chemicals (hands) from washing with detergents. When we refer to predisposed we are referring to people who have the genetic makeup handed down to them through their ancestors.

Vitiligo on Hands

Strong chemicals can harm the skin cells of your hands and other areas exposed to these factors. . If you are using washing detergent, make sure they do not contain any harmful ingredients. The name Acrofacial is given to Vitiligo that is found mostly on the fingers and toes. Most people develop Vitiligo prior to age 40. About half of these people develop it before age 20.  Other factors such as weather exposure also play a part in affecting the skin of your hands.

Vitiligo on Feet

The lesions on the feet, hands and other joint areas are the most difficult to treat as the skin is thickest in these areas. Saying this, patients using Vitilox products have reported a tremendous amount of success in treating these areas. Because of the fact that the cream penetrates deep into the skin successful healing takes place. The Vitilox cream’s absorption factor is high and long lasting. Normally, one application of Vitilox Cream last for a full 24 hours. As the white patches are visible, embarrassment can lead to a lack of self-esteem resulting in anxiety and depression.  Anxiety can worsen Vitiligo by causing it to spread, and we do suggest that treatment is started as soon as possible.

Vitiligo on Joint Areas

How Vitiligo Develops

Generally, Vitiligo develops after a mentally traumatic event such as death or divorce or even moving to a new house. Physical trauma such as childbirth can also cause the onset of Vitiligo. Trauma to the areas of the skin that loses its pigmentation such as from sunburn, chemicals, allergies and cuts are another cause. The immune system causes the melanocytes to attack one another causeing damage. There damaged cells stop producing melanin, Melanin production give you your natural skin tone.

Recommended Treatment for Vitiligo on Joint Areas

Our recommendation for the treatment of Vitiligo on joint areas would be the Vitilox Pigmentation Cream together with the T-Cell-V tablets. If the patient is under 8 years of age, they will have to take Vitamin B12 and folic acid instead of the Vitilox T-Cell-V tablets Vitiligo on Joint Areas The Vitilox Cover Cream works well on the hands and other areas of the body to cover white patches during treatment. Apply the Vitilox Cover Cream and setting powder for up to 24-hour of smudge free and waterproof coverage. Vitiligo on Joint Areas At Vitiligo Treatment, our consultants are always available and able to help you choose the correct products to treat Vitiligo joint areas. We offer after-sales support and advise.  

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